QRC Workshop on Genetic Paleoecology

Defining the Cutting Edge of Quaternary Science
QRC Workshop on Genetic Paleoecology 

November 15-16th, 2018
Location: Denny Hall 313
Contact: Ben Fitzhugh (fitzhugh@uw.edu)

The potential of paleogenomics has expanded exponentially in the past few years with new technologies and analytical strategies that enable extraction of DNA from increasingly ancient and partially degraded samples (animal, plant, and even soils). This workshop brings together scholars from paleogenomics, paleoecology and related disciplines to discuss the promise and potential of this rapidly growing field and its applications to questions of past and modern environmental change. View the website for speaker information and schedule here.
Invited speakers include:
  • Mary Edwards, University of Southampton
  • Mikkel Pedersen, University of Cambridge
  • Beth Shapiro, UC Santa Cruz
  • Camilla Speller, University of British Columbia
  • Pierre Taberlet, Universit√© Grenoble-Alpes
We invite all interested members of the UW community and others to attend and participate! In addition to presentations, panel and audience discussion will explore the potential and impediments of environmental paleogenomics to elucidate past ecosystem structure and function.