Quaternary Research Center

The Quaternary Research Center is a community of scholars collaborating and fostering interdisciplinary environmental research at the University of Washington through strategic investments in seed grants, expeditions, seminars, workshops, and the publication of the journal, Quaternary Research.

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Quaternary research: an interdisciplinary journal

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  • Published: 10/05/2017
  • Volume: 88
  • Issue: 3

The Center publishes Quaternary Research, a leading international journal of Quaternary science for almost 50 years. Content includes studies from geology, geophysics, archaeology, paleontology, oceanography and more. The journal features interdisciplinary articles that present previously unpublished research results and comprehensive reviews.

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Get your research funded!

Do you have a project that needs a jumpstart? Or supplementary help? The QRC is proud to sponsor amazing research conducted by QRC members and/or their students!

Stephen C. Porter Remembrance and Student Award Ceremony

On October 23 at the 2017 GSA ESS Alumni reception, the QRC hosted a ceremony in memory of the late Stephen C. 

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QRC members published in QR Journal, “Holocene environments of central Iturup Island, southern Kuril archipelago, Russian Far East”

QRC members, Patricia Anderson, published an article in the July 2017 issue of Quaternary Research, the interdisciplinary journal of the QRC entitled, “Holocene environments of central Iturup Island, southern Kuril archipelago, Russian Far East.”
Two lake records document Holocene changes in sea level, vegetation, and climate on the Okhotsk and Pacific sides of central Iturup Island, southern Kuril Islands. 

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QRC and Cambridge University Press announce publishing partnership

The Quaternary Research Center (QRC) and Cambridge University Press are pleased to announce the formation of a new publishing partnership beginning in January 2017. 

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