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Members of the Quaternary Research Center (QRC) are UW faculty, researchers, post-docs and students, as well as specially honored friends of the QRC from other institutions and even countries. Prospective members are nominated by existing members (UW faculty/research staff), and conferred by the UW Dean of the College of the Environment. QRC memberships are normally unfunded unless otherwise specified (e.g., for visiting scholars brought to UW and supported to some measure by QRC or other source of funds). QRC Members participate regularly in the intellectual life and/or administration of QRC activities.

Membership Status

  • UW QRC member is a member with a primary faculty or research appointment at one of the three University of Washington campuses
  • Distinguished QRC Members are QRC Members appointed in recognition of a substantial intellectual contribution to the QRC, for example as a member of an advisory board or as a visiting scholar to QRC. These memberships are intended to convey appreciation and to honor those conferred
  • QRC Affiliate Members are UW Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows, with appointments not to exceed their terms of study or employment at UW

Eligibility for QRC membership

  • UW faculty members or researchers eligible for nomination to the QRC are interested in the interdisciplinary study of Quaternary environments on Earth and of related environments of other times and places. The research subjects commonly include climate, oceans, solid earth, biology, and human societies
  • Distinguished/Visiting Quaternary scholars with an interest in affiliation with the QRC and with a UW QRC sponsor are eligible for nomination to the QRC
  • Graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows who are interested in Quaternary-related projects, and who wish to engage formally in QRC activities are eligible for nomination to the QRC as Affiliate Members

Nomination Process

  • Nominations are ordinarily made by one or more active UW QRC Member/s
  • Nominations are made by submittal of nomination packet to the QRC Director who will make them available for review and vote by QRC Members
  • Nomination packets should include:
    1. Nominator letter by an active UW QRC Member
    2. Letter of interest from nominee
    3. Nominee’s c.v.

Rights and Responsibilities of QRC Members

  • to list QRC Member or Affiliate-Member status on academic record
  • to apply for QRC financial support for QRC related research, education, and outreach activities
  • to use QRC insignia on Quaternary related posters and presentations
  • to request permission for QRC sponsorship on events, projects, invited talks, websites, and similar
  • to assist in the governance of the QRC by voting on issues before the membership, providing committee service
  • to participate in the intellectual life of the QRC through one or more of the following:
    • attending QRC meetings
    • attending QRC talks and workshops
    • serving on QRC committees
    • organizing QRC talks, workshops, or field trips
    • recruiting and nominating new QRC Members and Affiliate Members
    • encouraging manuscript submittal to Quaternary Research, the QRC’s professional journal

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