The Quaternary Research Center (QRC) Library includes an extensive collection of books/monographs, journals, serials, maps, and reprints. The collection provides a valuable resource for students, resident faculty, and visiting scholars. The Collection includes works from many related disciplines including: archaeology, forestry, geology, geography, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, paleoecology and paleontology.

The collection includes unique titles from the library of the late A.L. Washburn, Professor Emeritus and first Director of the QRC, and the late Richard Foster Flint, a prominent Yale University Professor of Geology as well as the reprint collection of Troy Péwé. The incorporation of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences Library and donations from other sources have expanded the size and scope of the collection. The QRC Special Collections are a non-circulating collection, but materials may be borrowed briefly for copying.

Monographs and journals can be browsed in the QRC suite, Johnson 377. Serials, maps and reprints are stored in the Old Ocean building and can be accessed with the assistance of the QRC Librarian (email link/phone number).

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