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Quaternary Research: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Celebrating 50 years of UW’S Quaternary Research Center!

The Quaternary Research Center (QRC) has published Quaternary Research: An Interdisciplinary Journal (QR) a leading international journal of Quaternary science for 50 years. Now published in partnership with Cambridge University Press, QR includes articles from the numerous disciplines that contribute to our knowledge of the Quaternary Period. The journal specializes in cross-cutting studies in the earth, biological, and human sciences of the Quaternary period. The journal features original research papers and substantive reviews of interest to a diverse interdisciplinary audience.

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Research areas include

Archaeology, geoarcheology, geochemistry and geophysics, geochronology, geomorphology, glaciology, human ecodynamics, neotectonics, paleobotany and paleoecology, paleoclimatology, paleogeography, peleohydrology, paleontology, paleoceanography, paleopedology, Quaternary geology, volcanology, and tephrochronolgy.

Database coverage

Anthropological Literature; AQUAREF; Biological Abstracts (BIOSIS); British Archaeological Bibliographies; Chemical Abstracts; Current Abstracts/Physical, Chemical, and Earth Sciences; Research Alert; Science Abstracts (Physics Abstracts); and Science Citation Index. Some of these are available online to UW students, faculty, and staff via UW Libraries Databases.


Subscription rates and information can be found at Cambridge University Press.
AMQUA members may be entitled to a discount for an online subscription to QR. Visit AMQUA website for more details.

Journal Editors

Senior Editors: Derek BoothNick LancasterLewis Owen

Associate Editors: Pat Bartlein, Robert Booth, Louisa Bradtmiller, Aaron Diefendorf, John Dodson, Mary Edwards, Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi, Kathleeen Johnson, Terri Lacourse, Pete Langdon, Thomas Lowell, Curtis Marean, Barbara Mauz, Jim O’Connor, Wyatt Oswald, Jeff Pigati, Yeong Bae Seong, Jamie Shulmeister, Ashok K. Singhvi, and Xiaoping Yang.

Editors Emeriti: A. Lincoln Washburn, Estalla B. Leopold, Stephen C. Porter, Eric J. Steig, and Alan Gillespie.

Managing Editor: Karin Perring

Editorial Board