Conference Rooms

The QRC maintains two seminar spaces that are available for meetings, seminars, study sessions, practice exams, and other events. These include the larger, Main QRC seminar space accommodating appx. 12 around a large seminar table and a few additional attendees seated or standing between the library stacks and seminar table. A second, smaller, glass-enclosed meeting space seating up to 10 is available for smaller meetings or breakout sessions when not needed for visiting scholar or post-doc office space. Reservations for either space are recommended but not required if the space is unreserved and unoccupied. All use should be documented on the reservation system or on paper logs kept on clipboards in each space.

Main Conference Room


Reservations for this room are marked in PURPLE on calendar.

Purpose: presentations, lectures, seminars, small meetings, small party gatherings, small classes, studying, and testing
Equipment: projector, white board and markers, and table seating.
Seats: 12
Food & drinks: okay


Glass Conference Room

Glass Room

Reservations for this room are marked in RED on calendar.

Purpose: seminars, small meetings, small classes, small party gatherings, studying, and testing.
Equipment: white board and markers, 2 rectangular tables, and 1 circle table.
Seats: 10
Food & drinks: okay



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